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7/10 seems to be the newest cannabis holiday to take hold, quickly rising to 4/20 status. But what’s to celebrate? Partly for the fact that ‘OIL’ upside down is 710. Mostly for the holiday excuse to get high and celebrate the endless world of concentrates. In the Fiori office, no one has known about this holiday for longer than the last two years and a few didn’t even know about 7/10 until I started writing this article.


So if we’re new to it, we’re sure you are too! We put together a quick guide on navigating concentrates and distinguishing between products for the special day. First-time dabbers: we got you!



These concentrates will always have a glass-like texture that acts like taffy when pulled apart. They are usually created via butane extraction. The concentrate is distinguished from the others by its extensive cooling process as well: it can take up to 48 hours of heat and cool cycles to create the product




Sugars will always have a crystalline texture and other types of concentrates may “sugar up” if sitting too long. The trichomes of the flower are trying to reform causing ‘sugar’ crystals in the concentrate. Some users stay away from sugars for their perceived lower quality, but they have the same amount of potency as the other options.


Crumble & Budder


These are the concentrates commonly referred to as ‘wax’ and are the most optimal choice for dabbing based on their creamy texture. Air is infused into the concentrate to evaporate the solvents left over from the extraction process (butane or propane). Less air results in a crumble (drier wax) while more air creates a budder/badder.


Live vs Cured Resin


Another big difference between wax options is between live and cured resin. The ‘live’ or ‘cured’ label is based on the state of the flower before the extraction process begins. Live flower refers to flower (usually frozen) that has been freshly trimmed. Cured flower has gone through the same curing process as shelf cannabis to maximize its potency. Extracting from live flower maintains the flower’s terpene profile while extracting from cured flower produces a more potent high.




The top tier (and most expensive) concentrate options are solventless. This means there has been no butane, propane, or other solvents used in the extraction process. These will have the lightest color and smoothest smoke compared to the others. There are two main types: rosin and ice water hash. Rosin is the excrement from (sometimes frozen) flower being placed in a hydraulic press. Ice water wash is produced by sifting flower through a range of different sized filters in an ice bucket until the bottom is filled with the trichomes that make up ice water hash. 


This quick guide should help you choose how to celebrate 7/10. There are a lot of concentrate options to choose from and now you have a better idea what to ask your Budtender for. Whether it’s a live resin, sugar, or rosin, Fiori has plenty of options to do oil right today!